Corporate Sales

Large Corporations who wish to purchase hundreds or thousands of licenses will have their own internal I.T. "roll out" procedures; usually involving a "push down" methodology of software deployment across the organization.

  • We offer volume discounts for large orders.
  • For large purchases of this nature a more formal legal agreement is required and an invoice is issued for the sale.
  • We will work with you to develop your rollout strategy to your many desktops.
  • Your corporation can choose to have MailShifter customized to meet your corporate standards.
  • MailShifter is a product from ThinkQuick Software which is located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
For Corporate Sales or Inquiries, please contact:

V: (416) 783-6424
F: (416) 783-9386

International Dialling Code for most countries:    00-1-416-783-6424


Customization of MailShifter for Corporate Sales

One of the great features of MailShifter is it's ability to save emails with addition information embedded in the filename, to make locating the file much easier at a later date. End users can choose to use the FROM, TO, and SUBJECT information to form the filename the email is stored with, which order to use or even choose to not include certain fields.

For example: an email might have a subject line of "Modification to 3rd floor transformer room" but MailShifter can enable you to save the file using a filename of:

John Smith-Modification to 3rd floor transformer room-Tom Brown.msg

where John Smith was the FROM address name of the person who sent the email,
Modification to 3rd floor transformer room was the Subject Line of the email,
Tom Brown was the TO address of the person who received the email.

A corporation may wish to "lock down" the filename setting so all of the email transferred with MailShifter follows the same naming standard for the company. This is extremely useful when multiple personnel are working on the same project and later on an email needs to be located that was sent to someone who is no longer with the project team. You do not have to open an email to see who it was FROM or TO.